Dietary Supplements: Aloe is What You Need to Get Through the Day

This world-famous plant has gotten a lot of attention in the past decades, and this is not without a reason. Aloe Vera has a lot of described effects and applications that have been tested and tried many times. Since there are so many applications we would like to go over some of them and give our opinion on what you can expect from particular types of supplements.

History of Use

The plant is not a new discovery; it has a remarkable story linked with it. The history of aloe Vera starts of with ancient Egypt. The ancient people on the river Nile mentioned the rejuvenating effect some six thousand years ago. The plant was even the used for cosmetic purposes, to enhance the beauty of the skin.

Besides Egypt, the plant was used in Mesopotamia, and even by Alexander the grate who reportedly applied the plants healing abilities to his wounded soldiers while he was on the campaign thru Asia.

Marco Polo reported on the use of Aloe Vera in China and spoke of the prominent position it has in traditional medicine as a substance that creates balance in the organism.

Beside the mentioned application, another famous historical example of the use of Aloe Vera is the legendary Swedish Bitters. This recipe was developed by the famous Dr. Yernest, who himself lived to the ripe age of a 104.

There was one more famous use of the aloe plant, developed by a priest known as Kneipp, uses the juice of the plant to suit the digestive tract and to introduce a cleansing treatment of the body.


Aloe Supplements

The modern use of the aloe plant has seen a significant increase in the past decades. This is because scientific research and cosmetic medicine have made the plant popular, this led to the discovery of the many ways the plant can be used.

Aloe Vera can now be found in a range of products. There are soothing gels for burned skin, cosmetically preparations, aloe capsules, specialized drinks. We want to talk about them as a whole, you can say a lot about every particular type of supplement. But you can also look at the general benefits of the plant. They depended on the way you apply the plant to or into your organism.

The plant has three major zones of influence; it is applied to skin care, because of the soothing effect of the plant. Either for damaged skin or just as an everyday cosmetics remedy.

When ingested, the plant also has a soothing effect. Usually influencing the digestive tract, and soothing the problems that are linked with it.

The third application of the plant is in the detoxification and purification of the body. Using the plant this way can be useful for preventing terminal despise, or as a technique to clean the body after extensive healing and similar stressful states for the organism.