The Best Escape Rooms

Before escape rooms dominated the world and became a popular game, it was initially discovered and played as permanent fixtures in Japan (escapologic). The purpose of the “escape rooms” game is to promote teamwork, improve speed, communication skills, and creativity, and test patience to accomplish the mission within a set period.

Hence, strangers can easily become friends when they interact and cooperate because they will work towards achieving a common goal. Many companies employ escape rooms idea to promote teamwork by helping employees discover each other’s abilities. The significance of identifying each employee’s strength provides a smooth working environment that will help the company achieve its mission and vision.

What Are Escape Rooms?

Escape Room is an hour mission-oriented game set in an immersive and real-life adventure environment. Escape rooms game is also referred to as exit game, puzzle room, escape game, or room escape. The game involves a team of players working together in a themed room that is designed with codes, puzzles, and riddles which will guide the team on how to accomplish the mission and escape.

Therefore, the team of players or Participants should be active, creative, and cooperative to share their ideas on how to solve the riddles, puzzles, and codes for them to succeed within the given time ( Solving the codes, riddles and puzzles is fun and quite challenging, but it makes the idea of accomplishing the mission and escaping the rooms be thrilling, interesting, addictive, mental simulative, unifying, and a memorable game. The best examples of escape room games are heist, prison break, and finding the lost or hidden treasure.

The Overview of the Escape Rooms Game

The escape game is designed from multiple missions to provide a team of players with options to select. But before the game starts, brief instruction, game guide, and rules and regulations will be read out to help the players understand the mission and how to win. The guide can either be in form of a video, audio or written on a piece of paper. After the escape rooms orientation, players will enter the themed rooms and a one-hour timer countdown starts.

Since the game is designed to be challenging and more mental, each participant will need to employ basic knowledge and skills based on language, arithmetic, geographical and science. This is because the theme in the room includes symbols, words, physical objects, and features, and numbers for direct interaction to help the team solve the puzzle, riddles and unlock codes quickly and straightforward without dwelling on them.

Despite how challenging the game is, it also has a game guide mechanism in place or a volunteer to provide extra tips on how to find the clues. Therefore, players should engage them when the team is stuck because the purpose of the game is to accomplish the mission within the allocated time. After the team has achieved the mission, the team should also ensure they find the successful escape route which marks the end of the mission and escape.


As mentioned the escape rooms game is more mentally simulative, it is recommendable to play with everyone of all age set because it is interactive, productive, and valuable for those who want to have quality time with friends and family.